Witch's Way Lilith Spell Candle

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Size: 12oz

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This is our Original Lilith Ritual Candle!


Lilith was the first woman, according to the Bible, and was "banished" from the Garden of Eden for not complying with Adam's requests. Her history was once shrouded in negativity and vilification, brought forth by thousands of years of misogyny and misunderstanding. But she has now been reclaimed as a symbol of freedom, justice and power.

We made this candle for many intentions relating to Lilith, be it sexuality, dominance, fertility, independence, or demanding justice (particularly in sexism/gender roles/sexual assault cases).

Stones Used: 

Moonstone: this stone, as suggested in its name, corresponds with the Moon. The Moon represents feminine energy and strength.

Tiger Eye: popular for building courage and determination. This stone channels our inner leader and pushes it forward.

Obsidian: highly protective stone. Banishes negative energy from your space and protects you from energetic harm.



Mugwort: a popular plant used in smoke cleansing. Clears negative energy and welcomes a clean, positive environment.

Fig: in Greek legend Demeter gifts a fig to Dionysus, which is why this fruit is associated with love. Also popular for fertility spells. 

Clove: thought to increase mental clarity and attract abundance. It is also highly protective, its resemblance to a nail draws out our in strength and fortitude. 

Wine: the drink of the Gods. Representative of wealth, power and leisure. 

Black Salt: an excellent tool for cleansing and protecting a physical space. Black salt is commonly sprinkled in doorways and windowsills to repel negative energy.

Sage: a traditional herb for smoke cleansing, it is used to reset the energy of a space by removing good energy, bad energy and everything in between. 

Apple: this fruit is commonly associated with lust and power, but not in a negative connotation. It lends more to the freedom of choice, and fearlessly going after what you want.

Sandalwood: relieves anxiety and brings a calming energy to the soul.

Snake Skin (ethically sourced): this animal is representative of cunning, intelligence and fierce determination.



We have decided to donate a portion of the Lilith Candle sales to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Thank you for contributing to our small business.

Wax used is soy wax made in the USA

These spell candles come with a lid and instructions/guidelines on how to effectively and safely use your candle.

Tumbler jars hold 12 oz of wax and last for up to 80 hours

By purchasing this candle you are confirming you are able to safely use it without harming yourself or others. 

All candles are individually cleansed before being packed


Please view our policies page for information about spell work/candles. By purchasing a spell candle you are agreeing to our policies.

Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets. DO NOT BURN YOUR CANDLE TO THE BOTTOM OR LEAVE IT UNATTENDED! Trim candlewicks to ¼ inch each time before burning.