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Fragrance: Lantern - Pumpkin | Cardamom | Cinnamon | Maple

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Introducing....Wicked Elixirs! A premium line of bubble bath solutions that come in a variety of colors and fragrances.

These wickedly colorful bubble baths are perfect for those who enjoy soaking in a tub of creamy soft Hollywood style bubbles and an absolutely dreamy fragrances! Simply mix the elixir with running water and enjoy!

These bubble bath Elixirs are lower in pigment than my bath bombs so, clean up is minimal to none! It's great for those who might be skeptical about higher pigmented products or just don't feel like having to clean out their tub right away! These elixirs are made with detergent free soaps, natural dyes, EnviroGlitters, and...they are also completely biodegradable and ethically sourced products!

Use: This product is meant to be used as a bubble bath solution. It can double as a body wash if you choose but please use caution when using with loofahs and wash cloths. For the best results, pour the solution into your bath tub under running water. This solution needs an accelerator (running water or exfoliation) to produce bubbles. Please be mindful that not all tubs are created equal and do not provide the same water pressure intensity. You may need to add more solution and mix with your hand. It is also not recommended to use this product with tub jets or any sort of jacuzzi/whirlpool system as the additional air may cause the bubbles to overflow.

These products will be available in stock year round!


1. One 8 oz bottle of Elixir or bubble bath solution (colors and fragrances vary)

2. This product is not recommended to be used a shampoo. It is best used as directed above.

3. INGREDIENTS: Fragrance oil mixture, Mica powder, Enviro-Glitter, Argan oil, Polysorbate 80, Germall Plus, Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol. Because this product contains water, oil and powders, this product will separate over time. Please always shake well before using!

4. This product contains Fragrance oils and may not be safe to use for people with sensitive skin, with allergies and with people who are currently pregnant. Please consult your doctor before using.

5. Avoid getting all products in or around your eyes and mouth unless stated otherwise.

6. All products containing mica powders were intentionally designed to NOT stain your skin or your bath tub. The use of white, pastel or lightly colored wash cloths, loofahs and other bath accessories are not recommended for use with this product as they tend to be highly absorbent.

7. Some of these products will contain eco-friendly shimmer and/or glitter. This means that not only will you leave the bath with a shimmery glow but you can also feel good about rinsing the residue down the drain!

8. This product will may leave "pixie dust" or residue (NON staining) in your bathtub. This happens when some of the floating Mica (colorant) settles in the water. Clean up for residue is easy! Simply rinse your bathtub out thoroughly, spray it down with your favorite bathroom cleaner (natural cleaning products can be used), and then wipe off all of the remaining residue. Rinse your bath tub for a second time and it should be completely cleaned and stain free. Scrubbing may be necessary depending on the state of your bath tub enamel. Repeat if necessary.

9. These are 100% vegan, biodegradable, ethically sourced and body safe!

10. This product contains oil so, while they make your bath water silky and smooth, they also can potentially make your tub floor slippery. So, please take care and use caution when entering and leaving the water!

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